Friday, August 19, 2011

Chain Link Fence and the Cheesecake Factory

Chain link fence is really quite interesting if you think about it....

 "Hi Audrey!,
       This is a picture of a chain-link fence.  Chain-link fences are also called Hurricane or Cyclone fences.  The fencing is attached to steel posts that are dug into the ground. The first US fence company to manufacture chain-link fencing was 'Anchor Fence' in 1891. That was a long time ago.  Your great-grandparents weren't even born yet. Heck, President Eisenhower wasn't even born walking yet, for that matter. Pres. Obama too. Chain link fences are good for keeping people out of places, but not rats or other small rodents.  So I guess you wouldn't see one at a cheese factory, or at the Cheesecake Factory for that matter.
        'See ya soon!'
                  Love, Auntie"

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