Thursday, November 3, 2011 I mean....Babinski Reflex

"Dear Danny,
   Well, recently Auntie became a grandma to your first cousin once removed, Leonardo.  See him here being held by your cousin by marriage, Tony?  Leo is 2 weeks old in this photo.  He had just come back from his check-up.  One thing the doctor looks for is the baby's Babinski Reflex.  He'll run a dull instrument along his foot: if it curls, then the baby's reflexes are ok.

It' similar to the Stravinsky Reflex. 

The Stravinsky Reflex is best described as that cringe we make whenever someone hits a high C note, or when someone runs their fingernails across the chalkboard.  That's the...Stravinsky Reflex.  Honest!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Staffordshire Nightmare

"Dear Audrey,

You know how Auntie is. Whether it's searching for the perfect deviled egg recipe, or looking for seashells at Pismo Beach, Auntie can get a little obsessed when it comes to collections. 

Auntie's new obsession is Stafforshire Porcelain, specifically that certain Staffordshire porcelain depicting Spaniels and manufactured during the Industrial Revolution. These were produced in pairs, and were often hand painted by small children who were sent to work in factories, so these lovely collectibles are found to have vacuous or whimsical stares, yellow eyes, arched eyebrows and metallic-glazed lockets.

Auntie prefers the ones with vacuous stares and yellow eyes.

So far, Auntie has collected two sets of Staffordshire Spaniels. One pair sits atop the fireplace mantel, and one pair by the hearth.  Uncle John said,"That's probably enough Spaniels, don't you think?"  But what he REALLY meant is, "Their eyes follow me as I come through the front door, sit, read the paper, and get up to go to the kitchen.  It's creeping me out." 

Anyhoo, wish  you were here!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just Wrong

"Dear Audrey and Danny,
I found this artist's rendering of actor Eric Roberts on a website that sells lunchboxes.  It's just wrong.  First of all, not only is Mr. Roberts the brother of the more known Julia, he is an accomplished pianist and collector of peacock feathers.  To depict him on a lunch box riding a horse is near blasphemy.  It should have been a unicorn.