Thursday, November 3, 2011 I mean....Babinski Reflex

"Dear Danny,
   Well, recently Auntie became a grandma to your first cousin once removed, Leonardo.  See him here being held by your cousin by marriage, Tony?  Leo is 2 weeks old in this photo.  He had just come back from his check-up.  One thing the doctor looks for is the baby's Babinski Reflex.  He'll run a dull instrument along his foot: if it curls, then the baby's reflexes are ok.

It' similar to the Stravinsky Reflex. 

The Stravinsky Reflex is best described as that cringe we make whenever someone hits a high C note, or when someone runs their fingernails across the chalkboard.  That's the...Stravinsky Reflex.  Honest!

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